The governor of NakhomPhanomSomchaiWirdamrong has ordered officials to speed up Surveys that are taking place in 11 districts affected by severe flooding in an effort to get the areas declared disaster zones

By having the areas declared disaster zones this will allow the provincial administration access to fund from the emergency budget to help people in the flood hit areas without having to go through the central government.

VIDEO : Flooding in the north might lead to "Disaster Zone" declaration

The governor announced today that 11 of the 12 districts under his control had been hit by floods. He said that an estimated 400 million cubic meters of floodwater had hit the area with only half being drained into Nong Han Lake as that was the maximum amount of water it could handle.

The Northern provinces have all been hard it by the recent tropical storm Songawith widespread flooding reported.

VIDEO : Flooding in the north might lead to "Disaster Zone" declaration

The Yom River burst its banks on Friday, washing away sandbag flood defences in five locations casing authorities in Sukhothai to scramble and attempt to repair the damaged areas.

Meanwhile the mayor of Kalasin said that his city was experiencing the worst flooding in forty years after the nearby HuaySithon reservoir couldn’t handle the excess water and the city was subsequently flooded.

He said staff used boats to rescue people unable to help themselves to a shelter that had been set up in War HorTraipitkaram to accommodate the evacuated members of the public.

Source : Thenation

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