The Thai social media community was deep in debate after a video was posted online that appeared to show a foreign mother and daughter drowning a dog on Jomtien beach

There was no report as to whether the dog was ill or if there was another reason for their actions. The video was posted to a page dedicated to dog lovers called “rak ma”. A beach chair vendor called Kanya “Pa Paew” Mapcharoen, 60, told the media what she saw.

Mystery surrounds why foreign couple drowned dog at Jomtien beach

She said the couple who looked to be a mother and daughter had a small brown dog swaddled in a cloth, they went out into the water about 20 meters then seemed to hold the dog under the waves.

She said they left the water then went back in a second time and it was obvious they were drowning the dog. Members of the public used mobile phones to film the two foreigners in the act but its not clear if anyone stepped in to try and stop them.

Mystery surrounds why foreign couple drowned dog at Jomtien beach

Pa Paew said the incident made her sad stating that if the dog was ill why not let it die of natural causes. A local man who feeds stray dogs at the beach said he didn’t see the incident but he was deeply shocked.

It has not been reported at this time if any action has been taken against the unidentified foreigners.

Souce : Tnews

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