The now famous actress and former Miss Teen Thailand 2006 had a visit from her father yesterday as Hannes Jacobs went to see his daughter at the Sai Mai police station where she is facing drugs charges.

Amelia “Amy” Jacobs’ 28, was arrested after a raid on her house which she shared with her boyfriend Punyawat, 40, were police uncovered a stash of crystal meth and ecstasy tablets.

VIDEO : Ex-Miss Teen Thailand in trouble with the law, raid turns up meth

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Her father reportedly spoke with Amelia for 20 minutes and delivered her some cakes and clean cloths before talking briefly with investigating officers, he refused to talk to any members of the press present.

Thai Rath reported that Amelia’s mother has vowed to take her abroad once this mess is over which might prove difficult as if convicted Amelia could face serious jail time.

VIDEO : Foreign dad of Ex-Miss Teen Thailand visits her at police station

It was also reported that the popular actress on Channel 7’s series the monkey’s daughter has refused to use the toilets at the police station and has asked for a fan in her cell as it’s hot.

It has also been reported that both Amelia and her boyfriend are giving police conflicting accounts of where the drugs came from.

Amelia said that the narcotics belonged to a friend but didn’t know the name of the man who dropped them off at her house on Sunday.

While her boyfriend allegedly said they belong to someone called “Nat.”

Both appear to have changed their stories quite a bit after allegedly telling arresting officers that they were dealing drugs.

Amy Jacobs

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