It seems one man picked the wrong crowd to go around slapping women on the behind in Bangkok last Thursday.

A large crowd of feminist gathered at an event on Sukhumvit Soi 13’s Live Lounge for an open mic night called #MeTooMany which is a forum for women to share their stories and experiences of sexual assault and harassment.

After the event many of the attendees were hanging around outside when a foreign man with a bag of beer in hand and in the words of the women there “slapped the butt of every woman he passed.”

VIDEO : Foreign man slaps women on the butt, might soon regret doing it

One witness who asked to remain anonymous said the man slapped multiple women even a female street food vendor.

Several women who were slapped on the buttocks filed police reports the following day and an officer from Lumpini Police precinct went with the women to where the incident occurred.

CCTV footage in the area showed an unidentified foreign man leaving the area and the women filing the report confirmed he was the man allegedly responsible.

Although the footage does not show the man’s face police are currently searching for the individual.

One of the women who filed the report called Dariya says that she hopes the man is caught and prosecuted and that she gets a chance to question him about his actions.

What do you think about the unidentified man’s behaviour?

Source : Coconuts

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