A video is being widely shared on Thai social media showing a foreign man conning a kind hearted Thai driver out of 100 baht by giving him a sob story about being robbed.

The foreign man knocks on the window of a parked car and informs the driver that he has had his money stolen after thieves broke into his bike.

He then asks the driver for 60 baht and rather indistinctly talks about going to the Turkish embassy.

The driver kindly hands over 100 baht, half of the money in his wallet, the foreign man then speeds off the second he has the money in his hands without so much as a thank you.

It was at this point the driver realises that he has probably been duped.

Multiple internet citizens commented that they had seen the same man performing this con before.

There was a lot of harsh comments posted aimed at the unidentified foreign man stating that he was praying on the good nature of Thai citizens.

Source: Thaivisa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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