A Krabi man got the shock of his life when he went to use his toilet.

Amnuay Ritthong spotted a huge four metre long king cobra next the facility at his home. He watched helplessly as it slithered into his loo before he called for assistance.

Ao Luek from the Villa Rescue Team, was soon on hand to lure the snake out of its new home to be bagged safely. The black and grey beast weighed in at eight kilograms as onlookers watched on during the goings on.

Four Metre King Cobra Found In Krabi Toilet

Locals gathered to touch the snake’s body, believing that doing so would bring them luck on the lottery. The king cobra is regarded as the “Land Spirit Snake” in Thai folklore and is believed to bring good fortune.

Banjong Kumprayoon, head of the rescue team, explained that the snakes often left the jungle in search of water during the dry season, which is why they are seen so often at this time of year.

In the last two months, they have had to return ten others to the jungle.

So when taking a leak, always check the pan before sitting down.

Source : Tnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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