A construction worker attempted to aid his friend who he believed had suffered an electric shock by using an ancient method of burying him up to his neck in sand to try and bring him round

When this failed he called for help from paramedics from a local hospital.

When medics arrived they dug Sakon Chaodorn, 40, out from beneath the sand and tried the more conventional method of CPR, unfortunately the construction worker from Udon Thani was dead.

Friend buries unconscious pal in sand after electric shock

The accident happened on a construction site in Chonburi, where workers are extending a department store.

A friend of the deceased Khanom Yotchaiphoom, 56, said he had been due back at work Monday but he had been out drinking at the weekend and couldn’t face coming back to work.

When he returned to work Khanom said he saw the man lose his footing before falling down unconscious.

He quickly buried his friend in sand believing that would help him and when it didn’t called for help from the hospital.

It was reported that Saensuk police found no injuries on the deceased man’s body.

Source : Thairath

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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