Thai social media went into overdrive after a much publicised wedding between an attractive lady boy and her soldier boyfriend took place.

The post which contains an interview with the “bride” describing some of the hardships and obstacles the happy couple had to overcome before their big day has been widely shared becoming one of the most popular stories of the week online.

The Groom Mr Akrasit Khotsen, 23, fresh out of the army having left on Tuesday married Mr Kanokphon Saengja, 21, at a ceremony in Prajantakham in Prachinburi on Thursday.
The groom paid a dowry of 100,000 baht and two baht weight in gold.

There was reportedly a large number of guests at the happy occasion, however that was nothing compared to the massive show of support the happy couple received from the Thai community online.

According to the bride the couple met by accident in a restaurant over three years ago.

Kanokphon said he realised his now husband was a “dish” straight away and they have been together ever since.

They said that both set of parents approved the union and that the happy couple had now gone into business together growing tree.

They noted one of the biggest hurdles in their relationship came when Akrasit was called up to serve in the army.

Kanokphon said “we have true love that helped us overcome gender issues as well as the separation caused by Akrasit’s time in the army.”

The couple noted that it has not always been smooth sailing with people often telling them their relationship was inappropriate but together they have overcome the prejudice.

They noted that with the support of their families “true love” found a way.

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