Pattaya police carried out a raid on a popular gentlemen’s club in Pattaya yesterday.

The authorities, including military personnel entered the Rioja club around 18:30, after they sent in an undercover cop armed with 3000 baht, to determine if and when they should raid the joint.

Gentlemen's Clubs Targetted By Police

As soon as the go-ahead was given, the troops entered the venue to discover a number of “illegal” sexual acts taking place.

On the ground floor, around 15 bar girls were entertaining customers. Nothing of note was reported.

On the next floor however, there were girls in bed with customers in what was described as “short time rooms”. In the next room, they hit the jackpot as two girls were discovered providing oral services to a man as they frolicked in a jacuzzi. Police took condoms, lubricants and Viagra as evidence.

A fifty-two-year-old woman, who claimed she was the manageress of the business, was taken away to be interviewed at the police station.

Gentlemen's Clubs Targetted By Police

Police announced that they would be continuing their presence and would be visiting other such venues as the week progresses.

Earlier this week Soi 6 came under Scrutiny when bars were told they would not be allowed to open before 18:00, effectively reducing the businesses ability to earn money and pay staff.

Now it seems that the gentlemen’s clubs are high on the hit list for authorities to are determined to “clean up” the city.

However many bar and club owners are far from happy about the situation.

One owner who asked not to be named said “The authorities are killing tourism in Thailand. Businesses are already suffering and many will close if things do not change.

“This time last year and in previous years, Pattaya was awash with European tourists but restricting business opening times and raids of this nature, do nothing to bring to visitors to the city.
“The will drive the sex industry underground, where girls will have no protection or security” he said.

Should the authorities clamp down on Pattaya’s bars and clubs or should they endorse it, legalise the clubs and welcome tourists who come to the city for this sort of entertainment?

Tell us your thoughts.

Source : Thaivisa

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  1. Cambodia and Vietnam are rubbing their hands as tourists will go there and spend their money. The only losers are Thais.

  2. These clubs are discreet and cause harm to no-one .To target them is so stupid . Surely if you wanted to “clean up” the streets this is the answer . Of course only the farang houses are targeted, totally ignoring the disgusting chicken coup karaoke bars that exist for Thais only in every town in Thailand. I am amazed the mamasan at Rioja wasn’t suspicious of the Thai 3000 bht approach as I have never seen a Thai customer in there or any other gentlemen’s club unless ir’s been for a pick up if you get the point. Surely and quite speedily the authorities will turn this wonderful once vibrant place into a ghost town with a few tour buses floating around with their Chinese customers and even they will wilt when Walking st is an empty sidewalk….the futility of their decisions will be recognised and it will all start again

  3. what will actually change, I think this will only drive the clubs to re-locate as with the girls, not stop them, and it will also make it more difficult to stop them if this is the intention, they will just spread out, also if the authorities as is claimed wish to clean up Pattaya, what about Bangkok and the rest of Thailand, the hotels that are girl friendly, not much point cleaning up in one area, then they must maintain this, takes money and recourses, do they have this, I think not, one area is pretty pointless if there are many other area’s, Bangkok is much worse, I think better to leave them just tighten the rules, at least if they know where they are it will be easier to keep an eye on them, make them more discrete, I go to pattaya all the time, never Bangkok because Bangkok is much worse far more congested, if they needed to start somewhere and make a statement it should of been Bangkok, nana plaza, soi cowboy, little japan, and a few others, soi 6 is just one street, its a bit of a pointless exercise, seems to me it will just create more problems, how many will struggle to survive, its hard enough for them, me and my friends always make comments like ” where do all these babes come from there’s thousands of them” faced with a mass of gorgeous girls, and many guys on holiday with money to spend its pretty obvious what will be mutually beneficial to both right, don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work that out, its called supply and demand, that’s business yes or no, they just need to be not so blatant, have more discretion and decorum,
    lets be honest these girls are always looking to hook a rich guy, love has nothing to do with it, but many guys fall for the same con, these girls will drop a guy in a blink of an eye when there’s no more money, make no mistake about that, and it don’t matter how well educated a girl or guy may be, this happens all over the world not just Thailand, its part of life the world over.

  4. Pattaya is no different to a thousand other Asian holiday resorts…
    If you take away the sex element then really there is not a lot to attract the tourist .. It doesn’t have great beaches… It s only night life is sex bars… Why would people go there??? Its not even that cheap any more… Don’t ruin what is a great place …..

  5. Sex industry in Pattaya is deeply entrenched. Not easy now for the authorities to uproot it. However I understand the concern of Thai police who want to change its image..

  6. Just what IF the police took their work seriously when I report them of a hit-and-run accident, an assault, and a theft? Not priority???!!! WTF!!!!
    When a car hit my car 3 years ago, escaped the scene, and I got perfect details of the culprit and the vehicle, the Pattaya police LIED to me for 3 months about the case; they NEVER DID ANYTHING, but just lied. They did not lift a finger to contact the culprit, but lied.
    Eventually I myself with an assistant of a lawyer found the culprit and entered in civil-law case, and won easily.
    This is their priority instead; harassing adult people enjoying themselves!!! HA!

  7. Thailand is a beautiful place. But the girls of the sex industry make it a place to go for many people. To clamp down on it seems a bit like shooting your self in the foot. A huge amount of revenue will belost. I dont think that this has been thought through.

  8. Why would anyone go to Pattaya except for the adult nightlife? The roads flood, sewage floats down the roads, the beaches are very poor, scams like jet ski scams are everywhere, it has become an expensive destination in the last few years and if you ever have a problem, you can bank on the police to do little to help or show impartiality – foreigners are always in the wrong, Chinese tour busses park up everywhere and Russian and African hookers are all along the promenade. Take away the bars and clubs and you are left with a dump.


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