Officers in Chiang Mai made a speedy arrest of a robber who stole 14 rings from a gold shop.

The man who only spent a total of 30 seconds in the store as he made off with the rings from the O-eh shop in Thanin market turned out to be an ex US serviceman.

Police identified the robber as Adam Joseph Davis, 37, who told officers after his arrest his theft was motivated by his business venture here in Thailand failing.

VIDEO : Chiang Mai gold shop robbed by a down on his luck ex US serviceman

In a joint effort from Chiang Police and Chang Pheuak officers used CCTV to track Davis to his home after he used a Honda Click as a getaway vehicle.

Officers caught Davis bang to rights as when he was arrested they found the bike, the gold estimated to be worth 40,000 baht and the cloths he wore to carry out the robbery which took place on Monday.

VIDEO : Chiang Mai gold shop robbed by a down on his luck ex US serviceman

He confessed to police he was involved in the robbery and has now been remanded in custody by Chang Pheuak police.

When questioned Davis said he had been in the US military before marrying a Thai woman and starting a business here in Thailand.

The business was failing and he ran out of money leading him to steal the jewellery.

Source : Sanook

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