Google unveiled their latest piece of technological genius yesterday in San Francisco introducing the new Pixel earbuds to the world.

The tech giant claim are able to carry out real time translations of people speaking in different languages.

VIDEO : New Google earbuds offer real-time translation feature

At the demonstration of the new Pixel earbuds people compared the devices to an internet-aged equivalent of the “Babel Fish” from science fiction’s “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.”

The “babel Fish” supposedly allowed a person to understand any and all spoken languages.

Google said that once the earbuds are synced to Pixel smartphones they promised the real time translation of over 40 different languages so not quite every language like the babel fish but still pretty cool right.

VIDEO : New Google earbuds offer real-time translation feature

The demonstration of the new product showcased a two-way conversation with one person speaking English and the other Swedish.

The Pixel earbuds are set to go on sale in November prised at 159$ (5,300 baht.)

It’s not only translations the new earbuds can handle they can also be voice controlled and used to listen to music, send texts and receive directions among other applications.

Source : Thenation

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