Fast and Furious Thailand edition. In theaters now. This has to be seen to be believed. Full story: Cr: Nipon Singto

Posted by ThaiVisa - The Nation Thailand News on Friday, 24 March 2017

A video that resembles scenes from Grand Theft Auto has gone viral as a pick-up is seen to be weaving its way through heavy traffic, causing havoc and damaging up to twenty other vehicles.

The footage, which is filmed by a following car’s dash camera shows astonishing driving, even by Thailand’s standards.

The pick-up containing what appears to be building materials, has no intention of stopping or waiting in the traffic and simply barges through slow moving cars, hitting vehicles and bins in the process.

Scene from the Video Game

The driver even changes direction after finding a gap, allowing him to enter the other side of the carriageway.

But like Grand Theft Auto, car chases come to an end. In this instance, the central reservation is the drivers undoing, bringing it to a standstill and spilling the contents from the rear of car.

Imagine how terrifying this must have been for those who were impacted by the lunacy of this driver.

Were you in the area and witnessed the goings on?

Let us know.


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