Video: Granny has own method of dealing with snakes in Thailand

Snakes in Thailand might want to avoid one 74-year-old grandmother because crossing paths with her might be the last thing they ever do.

A video of Somsuk Saengpa also known as Granny Meg has gone viral showing her encounter with a rat snake in rural Surin province which does not end well for the serpent after the spritely elderly lady repeatedly swings the snake above her head and smashes it into the ground.

The clip was uploaded to Facebook where it has since been viewed over three million times after Godzillanoi Gebhed happened to witness granny dealing with the serpent after he left his home.

In the video you can hear the man recording cheering her on saying “again, granny! It’s not dead yet.”

Following her rise to internet stardom Granny Meg was interviewed by Channel 7 regarding her encounter with the snake.

Video: Granny has own method of dealing with snakes in Thailand

She recounted that she was on her bicycle going past her daughters stall in Baan Nongkong when she spotted the snake and realised it was a non-venomous rat snake.

Scared the snake might sneak into someone home and give them a fright she stopped her bike and chased and killed the snake which had just finished its meal of a toad it appears from the footage.

Granny said she has been catching snakes since she was young saying “I swung it three times and it died.”

When interviewed granny gave the advice “Don’t try this at home.”

Sound advice best to leave catching snakes to the professionals or Granny Meg it seems.

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