Posted by Sarayut You-anan on Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Heavy rain on Wednesday night resulted in chaos across roads in Pattaya.

The rainy season is well and truly here after last night’s storm brought widespread traffic problems across the whole city.

Heavy Rains Cause Chaos On Pattaya Roads

Some of the worst hit areas where Sukhumvit road, 3rd road and Khao Talo where water levels were as high as 50cm in some places.

More than 20 cars needed rescuing after either breaking down in the water or getting stuck and needing a tow.

Heavy Rains Cause Chaos On Pattaya Roads

Emergency services worked through the night but even they themselves found it difficult to travel round the city due to the build-up of water.

With more storms certainly on the way let’s hope traffic problems won’t be as bad over the coming months.

Source : Pattayaone

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