Hungry Couple Charged After Stealing Fish For Food

A man and a woman confessed to stealing 25 fish in two night time snatch and grabs because they were hungry.

Haeman Suchaleaw, 26 and Srisamon Lapluea, 34, face charges of larceny and were made to apologize to the owner of the koi carp, which they stole and apparently grilled and ate with sticky rice.

Hungry Couple Charged After Stealing Fish For Food

Haeman said “We found them. We didn’t have anything to eat so we took them.”

CCTV footage of their theft went viral after online after the owner posted it in hopes the thieves would return her fish, which she had raised for over 10 years and had great sentimental value to her.

The fish that were taken on June 24th were 20 Koi carp and a Nile tilapia.

They also confessed to stealing four fish from a pond in Sukhonthasawat road.

The third suspect known only as Jack has not handed himself in and police are still looking to question him.

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Source : Khaosodenglish

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