An Indian tourist “accidentally” fell from his 6th-story condo in Pattaya last night, sustaining serious injuries, after allegedly being intimidated by a quintet of prostitutes he and some friends had brought back to the pad.

We know what you’re thinking, and the story only gets more dubious from here.

Charles Mahimai Mohan, 39, fell six stories from his room at Pattaya Lord, a condo in Central Pattaya, and was sent — somehow miraculously alive — to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, Siamchon News reported.

According to a friend, who has not been identified, their group went out to the Walking Street, Pattaya’s infamous red light district, and brought five prostitutes back to their condo.

The friend said the ladies at some point angrily demanded money from Mohan for their um … efforts, and allegedly scared him into backing up further and further until he toppled from the balcony. Hmm.

Police have questioned the five women, and all insisted Mohan fell on his own, a statement that police (and several Coconuts editors) don’t necessarily buy.

VIDEO : Indian Man Intimidated by Prostitutes Falls From 6th-story Condo, Says Friend

If you’re wondering who else was in the group of mates, so did we, but police in Pattaya told Coconuts Bangkok that they were uncertain of the number of men involved as they came together in a large tour group. No one was detained.

Police plan to question Mohan when he’s recovered, something we expect will take some time given the the height from which he fell. No charges have been pressed, as the investigation is ongoing.

Source : Coconuts


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