Ciaran Duffy who alleged he was robbed by a Pattaya van driver has confessed to falsifying the assault and robbery because he couldn’t find his money so decided to blame the driver.

Duffy, an English teacher in Bangkok admitted he lied to police, claiming the demon drink was to blame.

Panisa Kuncharin of the Chonburi City Police Station said “Mr. Duffy was extremely drunk” at the time he made the allegations.

The incident occurred when the van driver, Buddee Srimontri, had asked for 2000 baht to cover the fare to Bangkok but Duffy refused to pay.

After hearing of the accusations being made against him, Mr. Srimontri took it upon himself to visit the police station to offer his side of
the story. He explained to police that his passenger was inebriated, causing annoyance and putting his feet on the seats.

“I stopped the van and put Duffy off, leaving him on the pavement” continuing “I then drove away.” He also denied robbing the Irishman.

Now Mr. Duffy claims he has no recollection of the driver taking his money.

Panisa Kuncharin said “Duffy noticed his money was missing and assumed it was the driver who had taken it but in fact he has no memory or evidence to substantiate the claim.”

Buddee Srimontri was charged with assault and fined 500 baht as Duffy had received minor injuries when pushed from the van by Srimontri. No
action was taken with regards to the driver putting the passenger off the van.

Mr. Srimontri did not press charges against Ciaran Duffy after receiving a personal apology.


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