A 27-year-old man from Israel, ignored warning signs at the perilous waterfall on Koh Samui known as Na Mueang, resulting in him falling to his death.

Radwan Sbih was with three of his friends when he decided to scale the rocky surface to get better photos. Unfortunately, he slipped on the wet rocks as tourists looked on in horror as he plunged into the fast flowing waters below.

The waters were heightened by recent rain, creating torrents at the foot of the falls. Mr Sbih was continually smashed against rocks and pulled under the surface by the force of the fast flowing currents, travelling over 1000 feet down stream, where his body became trapped and could be recovered.

It took the emergency services well over an hour to reach him, using ropes and ladders. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

VIDEO : Israeli Man Drowns At Notorious Waterfall

The waterfalls are a very popular tourist attraction but are incredibly dangerous, often resulting in accidents occurring. Possibly the most famous incident, involved a TV actor from the UK, Paul Nicholls, who spent three days trapped at the bottom of another waterfall nearby. He suffered a serious leg injury as a result of his accident.

Another Brit, Luke Scott, a 20-year-old tourist, survived his 260 foot fall from the Na Muang falls.

VIDEO : Israeli Man Drowns At Notorious Waterfall

Despite numerous warning signs, people seem to choose to ignore them and venture into dangerous areas, to get a better photo.

The authorities said they will install further warning signs but if people choose to ignore them, there will certainly be more injuries and deaths.

The advice is simple. Stay safe by following the warnings given.

Source : Holiday-Pattaya

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