It would seem quality pizza is very important to one Italian man here in Pattaya who injured his hand in a fight with the maker of a pizza at a pizzeria in the city on Sunday night.

Police had to be called to the I Love Pizza Art restaurant where they discovered Henri Gabriel Elfgang, 71, with injuries to his hand and his Thai wife who claimed staff attacked him and broke his fingers.

The chief of police here in Pattaya stated that Henri was not happy with the quality of his pizza and requested staff remake it.

VIDEO : Italian man ends up fighting with Pattaya pizzeria over quality of pizza

The second attempt at his pizza also apparently was not to his standards and as a result an argument started which then turned into a fight.

Pattaya Police Chief Apichai Klobpetch stated that reports in the media that the man was ganged up on by staff were false, describing the incident as a “mutually enthusiastic melee.”

Thus far no charges have been issued to anyone involved in the incident but officers have summoned all participants to the Pattaya police station for questioning this afternoon.

Source : Khaosodenglish

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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