Police and soldiers set up a sting operation in Pattaya yesterday resulting in the arrest of a woman who attempted to extort 25,000 baht form a local karaoke lounge.

The suspect identified as “Angelina Rice”, 43, allegedly went to the Te Hak Karaoke and Pub and demanded a little over 25,000 baht from the owner for protection money which the woman allegedly claimed would be given to the military.

The owner of the karaoke Anan Sae-Fang, 27, recognised the woman and suspected that she was attempting to pull some sort of con and recorded the exchange between the pair.

VIDEO : Karaoke lounge sting results in extortionist arrested in Pattaya

After the suspect left Anan went to Pattaya police with the recording and with the help of the military a sting operation was put in place.

25,000 baht was provided which was photographed for evidence purposes and the owner of the karaoke set up the meeting with Angelina.

The suspect arrived with her 21-year-old boyfriend and a ladyboy who were all scooped up by officers as soon as the money changed hands.

VIDEO : Karaoke lounge sting results in extortionist arrested in Pattaya

Under interrogation “Angelina” claimed that the money was owed to her by the owner of the karaoke and her claims about extortion were false.

Thanks to the recording of their earlier exchange police dismissed her story and she was carted off to Pattaya police station, the con women’s associates had their details taken down before being let go.

Police are asking if other establishments across the city have been victimised by this con to please come forward.

Source : Pattayanews

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