VIDEO: Ladies Boy Aged Four Earns Kisses From Stunning Thai Girl

A Facebook video. which shows a cute little Thai boy refusing to let go of a beautiful female university student, has won the hearts of the Thai People.

The unnamed boy, who appears to be around four years of age, grabs the strap of her bag, refusing to let her enter the lift. The lad’s father, tries to help the girl but fails as the youngster sets his standards high from an early age.

But his persistence pays off, when the stunning girl, gives him kisses, leaving the little Prince Charming looking pleased with himself.

The clip has gone viral and this ladies boy shows how to get the girl.

The gorgeous babe is believed to be Wannasiri Netudom and let’s be honest guys – the lad did well and is certain to be a hit with the ladies in the future.

Source : Manager

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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