Thai Tv reported on a story of what they called a “Tamruat Na Rak” (lovable cop) in Bangkok.

who instead of fining a teen who did not have a licence or mirrors on his bike he made him do a few exercises by the roadside.

The young man who was not named performed a few jumping jacks and push-ups by the side of the road in the Huay Kwang area of Bangkok.

VIDEO : "Lovable cop" makes teen to exercise as punishment instead of fine

A reporter was on hand to film the whole spectacle and asked a couple of questions.

The reporter asked the teen, who was in school uniform how he felt and the lad said he had never been stopped by the police before and he was very happy not to get a fine.

He also said he would get his mirrors sorted and obtain a license.

Television presenters called the police officer lovable and praised his approach to his job which left many smiling.

Source : MCOT

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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