A Thai man took to Facebook to post a warning to the public about a foreign man preying on the sympathies of office workers in the Rama 9 area of Bangkok.

Posting his warning on Mem Pho Dam he said that the man was wearing a leather jacket and jean and was between the ages of 25-35 and roughly 175 centimetres tall and had approached the poster four times in four different locations always with the same story.

"Look out for this lying, cheating foreign scumbag"

He said after the fourth time of hearing the same made up sob story he decided to film the foreign man and post it online to warn members of the public in the area.

The foreign man spoke in English alleging that he had just been robbed of his money and passport and asked for people to take him to the Singapore Embassy.

The poster said that if people fell for his con he would then ask for money.

He said if you told the man “speak to the police” the foreign man said that he already had and they wouldn’t help him.

The con man is targeting office workers and well-dressed members of the public, who he assumes have money.

The poster urges anyone who comes into contact with the man to call the police.

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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