Ayutthaya has a ghost haunting one of its traffic intersections – and she’s doing a howling trade selling grilled meat.

Nannapassorn Chalachainanpa, 23, certainly stands out among the hawkers selling wares to motorists waiting at red lights.

She wears ghoulish makeup and holds a fake baby in one arm. Drivers and their passengers are certain they’re seeing Mae Nak, one of the most famous ghosts on Thailand’s roster of spooks. 

When they realise it’s just a vendor in costume, though, most will beckon her over, share a laugh and buy some of her grilled pork and sausages for Bt25.

“I dress like this to bring some colour to the intersection, and it’s great for business,” said Nannapassorn, who’s actually in the uniform of her other job.

She also plays Mae Nak at two different tourist attractions in Ayutthaya. 

“In the evening I have free time, so I earn extra income here selling grilled pork and sausages,” she said. 

Catch her moonlighting act at the Wat Phra Yat intersection any day from 5.30 to 9pm.


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