Now a good massage can do wonders for back ache but one pensioner is claiming that her “magic massage chair” is “fixing” customers.

Apha Preechankul, 69, spent a lengthy spell recuperating after having surgery on her back having fallen down whilst gardening when a cobra popped up and she fell over from the surprise.

While at home resting for several months she said she used a rolling pin to treat herself then once better studied Thai and Chinese massage before inventing an extra-wide zimmer frame she now uses to walk all over patients who lie on a wooden bed before sitting in her magic chair.

She claims the chair is magic and that it healed her back and is now healing her customers as well.

VIDEO : "Magic Massage Chair" provides "Miracle Cures" according to pensioner

Apha said she has a long list of booking for her unusual massage methods for which she charges 250 baht an hour at her home in Angthong.

She said “everybody who has been for a massage with me says it’s a miracle cure.”

Source : Pattayaone

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