Internet citizens have praised a Thai man who was recorded undressing to his boxers and diving into a fast rushing river to rescue a dog in trouble.

Over 500,000 people watched the clip of the brave man saving the dog from the flooded Pee River in Chiang Muan district in northern Thailand.

Hero: Thai Man Strips To His Underwear To Save Dog From Drowning.

Natdanai Janta, 23, who originally put the clip online said he and the dog’s heroic saviour Bunthawee Moonsri, 53, were going to work when they saw the dog being carried off by the fast current, it was clearly in trouble.

Following the daring rescue the pooch didn’t hang around and promptly ran off; the two men later learned that the lucky canine was back safe with its owner.

When Bunthawee was asked if he was scared of being carried away by the current as well he replied “A dog’s life is valuable just like my own, I wasn’t thinking about the danger to me.”

Thankfully both Bunthawee and the lucky hound weren’t swept away by the current; it seems a dog really is man’s best friend.

Source : Thairath

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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