A Thai man was detained by security guards at a hospital in rural Udon Thani yesterday after attempting to steal woman’s underwear that was hanging on the washing line there

The surely embarrassed thief claimed he was stealing the garments to gift them his girlfriend.

Officers charged Narin Prasertkaew, 38, with theft after finding in his possession four pairs of nylon panties of different colours that belonged to relatives of patients at Udon Thani Hospital.

VIDEO : Thai man caught stealing used panties to give to his girlfriend

The man claimed to have lost his job at a petrol station two months previous and was at the hospital asking for food when he spotted the underwear hanging on the washing line.

Narin claimed that his girlfriend’s underwear was old and had holes in them and because he loved her he took the risk off stealing the used garments so she could have beautiful underwear.

The unsuccessful thief told police he had no intention to touch himself inappropriately to the panties and he had never committed such a crime before this.

Source : Tnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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