A monk in Pattaya has been defrocked after a team of police and soldiers found Phra Bunlert Jittaparo, 46, in bed with Sukanda Jairak, 42, at a room

A video showed the party going to the residence in the middle of the night and upon entering they found the pair in bed as well as a five year old boy also in the room near a temple in Sukhumvit Pattaya six.

The soon to be defrocked monk denied having intercourse with Sukanda saying they were just having a “cuddle.”

VIDEO : Monk in Pattaya defrocked after being caught in bed with a woman

He soon admitted his actions were inappropriate and would start looking for a different job in the morning.

It was reported that Sukanda wept as Bunlert was led away by officers back to the temple to be defrocked by the abbot in the morning.

The raiding party also found another monk Jarae Chamhan, 44, in a room in the complex but he was alone.

The raid came after reports that people had been taking drugs in the area, instead the authorities found something rather different.

Source : Tnews

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