For those not aware the popular pass time of smoking a Shisha pipe where one smokes flavoured tobacco popular in many countries around the world especially in the Middle East.

But actually illegal here in Thailand, as one man from Myanmar recently found out.

Police arrested Na Yan, 23, when they and soldiers were out on patrol on November 24 discovered the young man with 17 shisha pipes and just over 6.5 kilograms of flavoured untaxed tobacco.

VIDEO : Myanmar man arrested for selling shisha pipes in Pattaya

Once at the station Na informed officers that he was hired by a bar owner for 300 baht a day to sell or rent the pipes and was not aware he was breaking any laws.

No mention was made if officers arrested the alleged bar owner in charge of the operation.

Source : Tnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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