The controversial YouTuber My Mate Nate was charged on Monday with obstructing the railways following a video he posted then quickly removed on Friday which showed him flattening coins he taped to railway lines.

A press conference was held between the American YouTuber the police and the State Railway of Thailand where Bartling apologized for his actions.

VIDEO : Nate Bartling "My Mate Nate" Charged With Railway Obstruction

Nate who’s YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers said “I could get on a plane and go home right now, but I want my followers to see that I’m not escaping my problems.

During the press conference he confirmed that he had the correct visa allowing him to stay in Thailand as a work visa under the label My Mate Nate Studios Ltd.

Obviously feeling a little guilty the YouTube star has promised to make more videos aimed at promoting the State Railways image.

VIDEO : Nate Bartling "My Mate Nate" Charged With Railway Obstruction

Officials inspected the area where his latest video was shot and found 38 coin imprints on the rail line as a 20-cent Hong Kong coin they believe must have been dropped while filming.

Officers will continue to gather evidence before calling Mr Bartling to hear his charges within the next three days.

Bartling says he feels remorse as he has made over 450 videos with the intent of promoting Thailand and its tourism industry.

He said he would in the future consult with lawyers before releasing videos.

He might be in further trouble for one of his videos where he pitted his cat against a scorpion could result in further charges of animal cruelty are still being investigated.

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