Navy Parachute Crash Pattaya - International Fleet Review 2017

It wasn't only the rain causing problems on Sunday but still nothing stopped them! Massive Respect to the Navy guys that day 🙏🙏🙏 A big shout out to Cameron Wilson for sharing this with us 😎👍 Keep sending in your pictures and videos guys & gals 📸📹 Read More: #InternationalFleetReview

Posted by Love Pattaya Thailand on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

It’s pretty fair to say that the sailors from the 18 different nations did an amazing job during this week’s International Fleet Show as weather conditions were less than favourable for much of the event.

Monday sailors had to parade through ankle deep water whilst marching along a flooded Beach Road following a heavy downpour just before the parade was due to take place.

It was not only members of the parade that face less than ideal conditions during the Fleet Show however, during the Navy’s spectacular paratrooper display strong winds caused a rather unpleasant landing for one sky diver who ended up tangled on a tree in Beach Road.

As can be seen from Love Pattaya’s exclusive video, many thanks to fan Cameron Wilson for providing the footage, all was going well until a strong gust of wind propelled the unfortunate paratrooper into the tree in front of hundreds of worried spectators.

Thankfully the paratrooper was quickly helped out of the tree unharmed much to the relief of the watching crowd.

Massive resect has to be given to all of the service men taking part in this week’s Fleet Show many would have cancelled several of the scheduled events but they didn’t let the weather stop them.

Well done to all the navy personnel involved.

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