A start-up firm in New York has developed an app that it said to be capable of detecting fake goods with up to 98% accuracy which could spell an end to counterfeit goods all over the world.

Knock-offs can be hard to spot even for experts in the field, some of the better fakes even require you to look into differences in the grains of leather or for anomalies in the sticking of an item.

VIDEO : New app able to spot counterfeit goods with 98% accuracy

A company from the US called Entrupy now might have the answer to prevent you from ever buying a fake again, using a handheld microscope which links to state of the art computer software there app can currently detect a fake from 11 of the world top designer names including Louis Vuitton, Channel and Gucci.

The start-up company realised there could be a demand for their product after the fashion industry became increasingly available online thus opening up potential buyers to the possibility of buying counterfeit goods.

VIDEO : New app able to spot counterfeit goods with 98% accuracy

So far over 160 orders have been placed for the new product mostly from online retailers to safeguard selling fake goods to their customers.

The devise is reported to cost in the region of 6500 baht.

We can probably expect to see police and other officials wielding the new technology to sniff out counterfeit goods in traditional markets soon.

Source : Thaivisa

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