One the men behind the creation of Google’s Android software, has release his own smartphone.

Andy Rubin, parted company from Google back in 2014 to work on new projects. One of which, has resulted in the new device called the “Essential Phone” and is the first product to be marketed by the company.

New Phone Released By Andy Rubin - Creator Of Android Software

Of course it will feature the Android software and hits the shops at $699 or £540.

But whether the phone can break the stronghold currently enjoyed by Samsung and Apple will remain to be seen, for most other companies have found it difficult to break into what is a difficult market to conquer.

The phone is made from titanium, with its screen almost being edge to edge. It has a clever feature on the rear, consisting of two magnetic dots that permit the device to accept, snap-on devices. Once such add-on is a 360 degree camera.

Watch for the Essential Phone in a shop near you, it may be what you are looking for.

Source : BBC

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