Smoking and drinking is set to become more expensive from tomorrow as the new tax rates will come into effect.

Now it is not clear how much of a tax increase will be made but some have suggested that the price of cigarettes and alcohol could almost double under the new tax laws with wine drinkers being the hardest hit.

New tax rates for alcohol and cigarettes to be announced tomorrow

A Government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnert didn’t say much on the subject choosing to keep the governments cards very close to his chest, according to a report by Sanook.

The tax increase has been widely criticised with many saying it has not been handled well.

New tax rates for alcohol and cigarettes to be announced tomorrow

An image was issued by Thansettakij, which will have smokers and drinkers no doubt a little worried as it showed cigarettes increasing in price by 40 baht a pack, spirits increasing from 160 baht to 312 baht a bottle, beer going from 41 baht to 78 baht and wine drinkers will see an eye watering increase from 225 baht to 1,400 baht a bottle.

Now these prices have not been confirmed but if they turn out to be correct the wine trade in Thailand will surely almost disappear.

It was reported that the decision to increase the tax on both cigarettes and alcohol was made in an effort to improve the health of Thai people.

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Source : Sanook

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