VIDEO: Now Thailand Has A Bad Driving Competition

Thailand – A country with a horrendous record when it comes to deaths on the roads, now have an official competition which provides prizes to the best dash cam road carnage videos.

Sounds insane right? However there is a valid reason behind the scheme, which has been organised by the Daily News, National Legislature, Police and Anti Drink Driving Foundation.

The idea behind the plan is to raise awareness of bad driving in Thailand and bring anyone who has broken the law to justice.

The scheme known as “Volunteer Eyes of the Traffic Campaign”, which offers prize money to the best dash cam videos.

One woman, Wipawee Janthadee, won 20,000 baht for her clip entitled “Pick Up Hit and Run”. The video displays Nopadol Wongwongsa, 38, hitting a motorcycle on the Chonburi bypass. At first the accused said he was not aware of what had happened but the video evidence tells another story.

Second prize went to Thanasan Jampathai, who won 10,000 baht for a video captured on March 26th. It shows a woman changing her mind as two motorbikes pile into the back of her because of her indecision.

Third prize features a video that shows a 22-year-old woman run over a motorbike driver TWICE. The clip called “Hit Once, Hit Twice” won 5,000 baht in the competition.

Will the campaign help improve Thailand’s bad driving habits and reduce death on the roads? Probably not but at least the authorities are trying. But without stricter laws and heavier penalties for those who break the law, things are unlikely to change any time soon.

Source : Dailynews

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