Pattaya police descended upon a group of foreigner’s wives who had started their own card club in a house in the village of Choke Chai in Bang Lamung

Naris Niramaiwong, district chief received a tipoff about the gamblers and dispatched officers and soldiers to raid the premises and apprehend the high rollers in the act.

VIDEO : OAP gambling ring cracked by Pattaya police in lightning raid

A video was posted online showing officers raiding the house catching four women playing the Thai card game “Dummy.”

The players quickly tried to take the money off of the table but the officers weren’t fooled and the money was returned and the four women were taken away.

PhailinNilsa, 60, KanokkornKornkanok, 56, WichudaYaowasri, 47, and Ewng-kiaw Sae-jeu, 56 were all charged with gambling, police also seized 6,580 baht and several packs of cards as evidence.

VIDEO : OAP gambling ring cracked by Pattaya police in lightning raid

Three other women who were sat drinking at a nearby table were released without charge as there was no proof they were taking part in any gambling.

The owner of the house seemed not to be present at first but then officers found Em-ornSiriphong, 52, hiding in the bathroom and she similarly charged for allowing the gambling to happen in her house.

This story might make others think twice about carrying out illegal gambling operations in Thailand

Source : Siamchonnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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