Officials are continuing their efforts to crack down on venues that stay open past their closing time with more raids that were carried out on August 27.

Officials raided Oskar Karaoke Bar after they received reports from locals that the venue had been playing loud music disturbing people in the area well into the early hours of the morning for some time.

Pattaya officials continue to crackdown on late night drinking

Officers entered the bar at 3am finding roughly forty members of staff mostly male and tomboys entertaining a handful of female customers.

Members of the raiding party questioned the supervisor who informed them that the bar also had a sister bar called the small room which was also raided but officers found no evidence of underage or illegal activities taking place at either venue.

Pattaya officials continue to crackdown on late night drinking

The supervisor was charged for staying open and selling alcohol past its legal opening hours. Officers also left the supervisors with a strict warning about staying open past there closing time, underage drinking and drug use emphasising.

The harsh punishments that would befall them if they allowed any such activity to happen at either venue in the future.

Source : Pattayaone

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