VIDEO : Orca

A video was being widely shared on social media on Sunday after a large orca or “killer whale” as there often referred to was caught on camera surfacing off of Phuket’s west coast.

Marine life specialist urging the public not to panic.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Phairot Kong which showed the large orca swimming alongside what appears to be a fishing boat.

After seeing the footage Dt Thon Thamrongnawasawat an official advisor to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources spoke out online noting that orcas have been spotted in Thai waters before and sightings go back over the last two decades.

He explained that male orcas can grow as large as eight meters in length and can weigh between 3 to 4 tonnes and are usually found in groups of five or six.

VIDEO : Orca "killer whale" caught on video off of Phuket coast
Orca or killer whale

In his public Facebook post which has since been liked over 5,000 times he explained that orcas are often misunderstood and many people believe that they are only found at the North and South Poles, however they can be found all over the globe.

He noted that the last sighting of an orca in Thai waters was back in 2016.

He told the public that they need not be afraid of them as they do not attack humans and said “people should just be happy that orcas are in Thailand and that they visit Phuket every now and then.”

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