Police raided a premises in Sri Racha on Tuesday evening after receiving information that it was be used as a brothel.

The fifty strong contingent of officers, led by the District Chief Niti Wiwatwanich, arrested over 30 women from Laos and a solitary Thai girl. All those taken into custody were between 20 and 25 years of age.

VIDEO : Over 30 Prostitutes Arrested In Sri Racha

This was not the authorities first attempt on a successful raid of the business but tip-offs had seen previous ventures fail. This time however, there was to be no snitching before they made their move.

The accused women told police they came from the Vientiane area of Laos. They said there was no work there and decided to come to Thailand to try and scrape a living. Two friends assisted them when it came to getting into the sex trade.

VIDEO : Over 30 Prostitutes Arrested In Sri Racha

Each girl was paid 1000 baht for sex for every session, with 300 baht going to the mama-san for finding them clients. Once men had agreed the deal, they would escort them to hotels or short time rooms nearby.

The business was not named nor was it stated what would become of those arrested but they are likely to be deported soon.

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