Boonsong Poolsukserm, 57, got more than he bargained for when he went to withdraw 1,000 baht from an ATM on August 29, after the machine belonging to Siam Commercial Bank decided that he would dispense an extra 69,000 baht!

The honest Boonsong who works at the D Beach Pattaya Hotel said he used the ATM at the Khwai Klang Muang flea market and after it spat out the extra money at around 3pm he made his way to the local police station to report what had happened and hand over the money.

VIDEO : Pattaya ATM goes haywire and churns out 69,000 baht too much

He admitted at first he was in shock and was not sure what to do saying he was a little tempted to keep the rather substantial sum of cash but in the end he decided the honest thing was to hand the money to the authorities.

Boonsong handed the cash to Captain Suphan Sophee at the Soi 9 police station and explained what had happened.

VIDEO : Pattaya ATM goes haywire and churns out 69,000 baht too much

Officers took photos of the cash and made a report before phoning the bank to apprise them of the situation.

Officers believe that the ATM issued the extra cash as a result of a defect in the operating system of the ATM, which will now probably become Pattaya’s most popular ATM.

Source : Khaosod

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