Sadly this year there will be no International Fireworks Festival held in Pattaya, yet another victim of government bureaucracy.

An announcement was made by city hall on November 3, stating that the two day event which was supposed to be the highlight of the International Fleet show which arrives in Pattaya on November 13 has been cancelled as a result of the Interior Ministry not approving the budget on time.

Pattaya has been under increasing pressure from the government to reduce expenses since the terms of its elected leaders ran out in 2015.

The office of the Auditor General previously accused Pattaya former management of careless spending on a variety of events aimed at boosting tourism.

Now the Interior Ministry enforces a rule that budgets for approved projects not exceed more than 20 percent of the initial estimate, the Fireworks Festival apparently went over that mark meaning that the ministry then needed to approve a new budget which reportedly didn’t happen in time.

Realising that the new budget was not going to be approved with enough time to carry out the festival Pattaya officials decided to cancel the festival this year.

Source: PattayaMail

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