The head of the Pattaya police force held a press conference on August 29, to reiterate the rules and restrictions around using the newly opened Pattaya tunnel.

He warned that the restrictions had been put in place to make the tunnel safer for road users and there would be substantial fines issued to anyone caught breaking the rules.

Vehicles not permitted to use the tunnel include bicycles, motorcycles, tuk tuks and vehicles caring dangerous cargos.

VIDEO : Pattaya police hold press conference to reiterate tunnel rules

The excluded vehicles are not permitted to use the tunnel for safety reasons and because the tunnels extractor fans that removed emissions from the vehicles traveling through it are currently not working.

Recent tests proved that the quality of air in the tunnel was well above what was considered “safe to breath.”

VIDEO : Pattaya police hold press conference to reiterate tunnel rules

Workers began to try and fix the extractor fans on Tuesday blocking one lane off to carry out the repair works on the tunnel which open on August 25.

Workers are confident that the issue will be fixed very soon but police have urged the public to strictly adhere to the rules for their own safety and to avoid receiving a hefty fine.

A further press conference is expected in the next few days to report on the progress of the repair works.

Source : Pattayaone

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