A video shot at a chicken feet processing factory in Thailand has gone viral after many viewers commented about how shocked they were after they learnt how the bones were removed from the feet.

The video showed six workers at a factory whose location was not stated in the video using their teeth to yank out the bones causing shock and outrage to many online.
Some commented they would now have to stop eating the popular Thai delicacy after seeing the footage.

While many were simply shocked some Thai citizens pointed out that people had been using their teeth to process chickens feet for years as tools and other sharp instruments tend to damage the skin making the less appealing for sale.

Some people simply said that they felt sorry for the workers who were being made to suck on raw chicken all day long pointing out how unhygienic the practice was and that raw chicken can be very dangerous to a person’s health.

People shocked by video of Thai's processing chicken’s feet with their teeth

Other stories of people processing chickens feet with their teeth are online dating back as far as 2005 where a job advert states that people can earn 25 baht ($0.76) for every basket of feet that they process with some workers earning as much as 500 baht ($15) a day which is well above Thailand’s minimum daily wage of 300 baht per day.

Boneless Chickens feet are a popular delicacy in Thailand and are often used in spicy salads.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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