A pinball champion who suffers from autism, says his condition has made him a better player.

The 27-year-old is so good at the game, he attracts crowds whenever he plays at his local arcade in Vancouver, Canada.

Pinball Champion Says Autism Helps Him To Victory

With his skills, he gets around an hour per ball, which is an amazing achievement.

Robert Gagno is constantly beating machine records anywhere he plays. When he plays for fun, he uses the time to hone his skills, determine what shots earn the most points or simply plays safe.

It all began when he was just five years old, when his father took him for a hamburger. Robert was more interested in the pinball machine than he was in the food in front of him.

Pinball Champion Says Autism Helps Him To Victory

His mother noticed differences in Robert at a young age. He was fascinated by road exit signs, he enjoined spinning in circles and struggled to form sentences when speaking. His words would come out in a jumbled format and he became frustrated when people couldn’t understand him.

Pinball became a way of life for him, a place to get away from things he found confusing in every day life. His parents bought him his own pinball machine when he was 10, which he would spend hours every day practising on.

As his mastery of the machine grew, he became almost unbeatable and now plays in pinball leagues and competitions.

Well done Robert – A true champion

Source : BBC

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