Police in Bangkok arrested a Thai man yesterday who admitted to being the man seen groping a woman on the number eight bus after a video of his assault went viral.

After questioning the man admitted that he had harassed other women on different buses at least 20 times before.

Police took into custody 36-year-old Peeraphol Yodchareon at his house on the outskirts of Bangkok yesterday and charged him with indecent public assault, he could now be looking at a fine of 20,000 baht or up to ten years in jail, or both.

Police in Bangkok arrest serial bus breast groper after viral video

His arrest was the result of a video posted online by 24-year-old Panida Chianchana on Sunday, in which Peeraphol tries to sneak his hand around the side of a bus seat to cop-a-feel before being scolded by the victim.

Panida told reporters she was groped several times before deciding to film the man’s actions on her mobile.

Since the video was posted four other women went to the police with images of Peeraphol acting indecently, one victim, Preeya Praneetpalokrang said that she was also groped on the number eight bus back in August of this year.

Police in Bangkok arrest serial bus breast groper after viral video

Peeraphol told officers “his hand just sticks out on its own” and that he was unable to control its actions.

According to reports Peeraphol has never been diagnosed with any mental illness, however he was charged for public indecency back in April as a result of an incident at a bus station in Don Mueang.

Perhaps his wandering hand might not do so much wandering in the future.

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