A pool party held by the owner of a second hand car dealership in Bangkok and the party’s many guests had a bit of a shock when some unexpected guests arrived at the party.

The head of the Bang Lamung police and provincial authorities decided to pay the party a visit, however it was not to join in the festivities and celebrate the birthday of the man known as Sia New” it was to carry out a raid.

VIDEO: Police in Pattaya pay an unexpected visit to villa pool party

Officers were carrying out the raid on the rented pool villa having received a tipoff that drugs were being taken at the villa in Nong Pla Lai, Pattaya

When officers arrived they found roughly 45 party goers along with the birthday boy having a great time.

During the course of the raid officers reportedly found ketamine, Ya 5 or “give me five” as it is also known as well as antidepressants and drug taking paraphernalia including rolled up bank notes.

VIDEO: Police in Pattaya pay an unexpected visit to villa pool party

“Sia New” told officers he knew nothing about the narcotics and that they must belong to his friends, sure they thanked him for that one.

The villa was rented for the party at a cost of 8,600 baht per day.

A video was shared online showing police officers hauling party goers off to the station in the back of a large police wagon.

Source : Khaosod

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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