VIDEO : Police Save Woman Being Assaulted On Facebook Live

On Sunday evening a number of people called police in Bangkok, reporting an assault that was going out on Facebook Live.

The incident involved a woman being attacked by her boyfriend in the capital Bangkok’s Bung Kum District. The man threatened to kill the woman as frantic callers took to the phone desperately trying to help her.


Police wasted no time in tracing the video to a condo, where the attack was taking place. They discovered the woman with several injuries to her body. She was taken to hospital for treatment and is said to be recovering well.

When police arrived, they were forced to break into the premises as the culprit refused to free the lady.

VIDEO : Police Save Woman Being Assaulted On Facebook Live

Chaichana Sirichart, was arrested for assaulting the woman and investigations are continuing into what took place.

This latest live broadcast follows another incident, which occurred in Samut Prakan recently, in which a man shot himself in the head. It is believed he did so after the break up of his relationship with his girlfriend.

Napat Kullapachayakarn, 37, died as a result of the fatal gun shot.

Source : Bangkokpost

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