A video went viral online yesterday as Maha Sarakham police revealed their new “stick” method of subduing dangerous suspects.

Precinct superintendent Colonel Chairoj Nakharaj said that the Provisional Police Region 4 used their new method in cases where subjects are armed with items such as knives or if they are agitated.

The man in the video was arrested using the new practice after police were alerted that a drunken man was wielding something that looked like a long knife wrapped in cloth at a bus station in Maha Sarakham on Saturday.

Police In Thailand Reveal New "Stick" Method To Subdue Suspects

Colonel Chairoj said his officers had been training with the sticks once a week for the past year and his team of 4 officers trained to use three Y-shaped sticks and one hooked stick were able to safely subdue the suspect.

The hooked stick is designed to pull the suspect to the ground so those with the Y-shaped sticks can safely pin the down the assailant, preventing injury to both the suspect and the officers.

The man in the video was arrested for creating a public disturbance.

Source : Thenation

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