A record label owner has said the prime minister of Thailand is “out of touch” following remarks he made about Thai teen country singer Lumyai Hai Thongkam.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha criticised the sexy dancing of the singing sensation, which brought about the response from Prachakchai Navarat, owner of Hai Thongkum Records. The PM suggested her moves were “inappropriate and not in line with Thai standards.”

VIDEO : Prime Minister Criticises Sex Singing Sensation In Government House Rant

The record boss asks “is she destroying society? Sexy dancing was around way before Lumyai broke on to the scene, with coyote, Korean and western style dancing.”

Lumyai, 18, whose real name is Supansa Wetkama, is certainly a sexy girl but is she any worse than Madonna or Miley Cyrus? Not even close.

The prime minister however seems to have a bee in his bonnet with regards to the Thai singer’s antics. He has raised the subject THREE times in sessions at Government House in the last week.

He said “I understand that in a business sense, you have to find new things to sell. But you also have to look at whether it’s appropriate. Shouldn’t we retain Thainess?

And to those who say that this kind of dancing has been around for a long time, don’t you want to improve society at all?”

“Just because farangs are doing it doesn’t mean we have to”

“The way she dances, she’s about to show all her genitals. I don’t want to talk about it, people will say I’m crazy. But I want everyone to help solve this problem.”

On Monday, the PM said the media should “warn society” against viewing similar sexually charged video clips.

The singer is said to be distressed by the prime minister’s comments. She explained “I have to dress to suit the audience otherwise they will forget me.”

VIDEO : Prime Minister Criticises Sex Singing Sensation In Government House Rant

Her Manager, Thanassorn Phutinan claimed that “toning down Lumyai’s act was not economically feasible. Our intention is not to have her dress so revealingly but often organisers demand she dresses in such a way or they will withdraw part of her fee.

“They want to see her in bikinis or hot pants,” he said

Lumyai is from a poor background. She moved to Bangkok from Roi Et, helping her grandmother sell sweets. She began singing at the age of nine.

Her most popular song and video is “Phu Sao Kha Lor”, (Party Girl), which has been viewed an incredible 200 million times in just three months.

Thailand is supposed to be the land of the free.

Should Lumyai continue to sing, dress and dance as she is doing or should she calm things down and cover up to please the prime minister?

Source : Khaosodenglish

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