Bang Lamung district chief Naris Niramaiwong raided a 24 hour casino operating in Jomtien, as his campaign to rid Pattaya of illegal gambling establishments continues

The operation comprising of both police and military personnel captured a total of 33 culprits who were playing “pok deng” (cards).

Most of those who were arrested were women and elderly members of the casino with many younger patrons scattering once the raiding party arrived, escaping by vaulting over walls and hiding in neighbouring houses. Some members were injured in their attempt to flee.

VIDEO : Raiding party hits 24-hour casino operating openly in Jomtien

Naris said that this was a big casino unlike the other week when his forces raided a house arresting a group of elderly women who were playing the Thai card game “dummy”.

The raid came after military chief Suwit Laklang received a report that the casino was operating openly without fear despite already having been raided in April.

Police estimate that the casino was turning over 14 million baht, operating 24 hours a day.

VIDEO : Raiding party hits 24-hour casino operating openly in Jomtien

The casino was being run by Rungroj Phayungwong, 47, who along with the other 32 captured members were handed over to Pattaya police for prosecution.

Officers took two tablets and 17,080 baht into evidence during the course of the operation.

District chief Naris said that his operations to eradicate gambling establishments in Pattaya would continue.

Source : Tnews

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